Balloon in a Box

What is a Balloon in a Box?

A balloon in a box is a perfect way to surprise someone on their birthday or when they are celebrating a special occasion.

The balloon is inflated on the day of being sent out and delivered quickly by one of our carefully selected courier companies.

Once the balloon in a box is delivered to the recipient, they open the box to find a balloon or bouquet of balloons float out giving the recipient a very nice surprise.

When can it be delivered?

By default, we offer Royal Mail 1st class or for larger boxes, Hermes next day delivery at no extra charge. This has a delivery aim of 1 - 2 working days.

We aim to dispatch all orders placed before 4pm GMT Monday - Friday same day.

We also offer DPD next day delivery in which the recipient will receive a 2 hour time slot as to when the parcel should arrive as well as having control over the parcel during transportation. We also offer guaranteed services from DPD for those who need the parcel to be delivered early in the day.

Can I choose the delivery date?

Yes you can!

We recommend that you purchase a balloon in a box as soon as you can to guarantee the specific balloon design you want. Once the order has been placed, the quantity available to sell will be updated on the stock control system preventing balloons from being oversold.

If you have a specific delivery date in mind and not in the next 1 - 2 working days, please add the delivery date you need in notes section when you go through check-out or contacting with your order number. We will then hold your balloon and inflate it when needed.

Can a personal message be added?


Just add the personal message you wish to add in the comments section when you go through check-out or email us with the order number to We will then add the personal message on the box for the recipient to see before he/she opens the box.

We also offer personalised balloons found on the website.

How is it prepared?

All of our balloon in a boxes are inflated and delivered with care. We use the following steps:

We selected balloons from high quality manufacturers who meet our set criteria:

1. Must be CE & BSI approved with inks safe enough for children.

2. Use high quality materials that can hold helium for a minimum of 1 week.

3. Have the appropriate licences if the selected balloon has characters on.

4. Used frequently by professional balloon decorators.

5. Be of high quality in which we can sell the balloon with confidence.

When the balloon is inflated, we use a professional helium cylinder provided by BOC or Air Products (Two of the UK's main suppliers of gases.) The Helium used is pure enough to enable the balloon to float but not pure enough to be used by medical equipment (This is often recycled from the MRIs and other medical equipment). This means that we re-purpose helium that would be released instead of taking away crucial helium supply needed by the medical sector.

We use a automatic shut off valve for our foil balloons and shapes. This is designed to shut off once the balloon is filled with the correct pressure. By using this, this stops balloons from becoming overinflated resulting in an increased risk of bursting as well as making sure the balloon is not underinflated; thereby ensuring the balloon is correctly inflated and is delivered in perfect condition.

We then add a weight to the balloon that is included in the price. We never sell balloons without a weight and discourage balloons from being released.

The balloon will then be placed in a sturdy balloon box that is designed to protect the balloon whilst in transit as well as being strong enough to cope with knocks when the box goes through the postal system. A tissue is added to the box for additional protection as well as additional decoration.

All of our orders come with a label that has a bar code as well as a tracking number. Standard 1st class by Royal Mail does not update the specific location of the parcel but confirms that the parcel has been delivered or not.

Why buy from us?

We have been an online retailer for balloons and party accessories since 2016 and have a great knowledge of our products, and proudly standby their quality.

Whilst there are other companies offering balloon in a box, we like to keep our price simple. No one likes to pay extra for delivery!

Whilst many other companies including us offer large bouquets of balloons and large shapes, we understand some people want to keep things simple and have something with a low budget. We have a large range, that is constantly expanding, of single standard sized box that can be sent out very quickly with many customers receiving their orders next day.

We, as an online retailer, use our bulk buying power to reduce our postal costs and the cost of the balloons and accessories. This allows us to be competitive on price.

We have noticed other companies offering free delivery with the use of standard postal services. Our belief is that the longer a balloon in a box is in the postal system for, the less likely it is able to survive the journey. No one wants to receive a flat balloon on their birthday! This is why we use 1st class as standard for all of our balloon in a box deliveries!

Choose from the below options

Single Balloon

Standard sized helium foil balloon in a box for those with a low budget and looking for something simple.


A bouquet of 3x balloons sent in one large box. Better value than sending individual balloons in boxes.

Jumbo and Shapes

A large or special shaped balloon sent in a box. Large and special balloons for that special someone!